What Is Ted?

TEDxAustinWomen is a local event inspired by TED’s commitment to “ideas worth spreading.” Our speakers, panelist, performers, and attendees all share a common thread: they are passionate about Texas and they are passionate about empowering the girls and women in their lives. Our goal is to create an extraordinary event of ideas, to foster game-changing dialogue, and to inspire action that implements real change.

The Story of TED

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It is best thought of as a global community welcoming deep-thinking people from across disciplines and cultures to seek deep understanding. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. TED began in 1984 as a conference bringing together thought leaders from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has broadened into a clearinghouse for free knowledge and a community in which the world’s greatest thinkers and most curious souls can gather to engage with one another. …learn more